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February 15th, 2007, 16:49
For me: Party=turn based or real time with pause. Turn based is great for huge tactical battles but I like RTw/P for the smaller combats. To me the best combat system for party gaming is Might and Magic. It was real-time if the encounter was simple, but if things got hairy you could switch to turn-based and hand select each segment of the fight.

Solo games are prefered as Real Time or better yet, RTw/P. Turn based when only playing one character vs computer opponents makes no sense.

Wizardry 8 had a turn-based system but the game was flawed in that each combat would take several minutes to half an hour to complete. If you could have skipped all combat in Wiz8 the game would have lasted less than 20 hours. While I enjoy combat in a game, I don't want it to be the primary focus. Turn-based crpgs, where combat is the primary focus, don't seem to sell well at all. I used to buy all such games but those days are in the past. I don't think Wizard's Crown or Eternal Dagger will see a resurrection. I believe it is the primary reason ToEE failed. ToEE was very buggy, but the nothing-to-do-but-fight was what dragged it into pure monotony for me.
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