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February 15th, 2007, 17:23
I must say I'm very surprised at how many people here actually prefer TB games. And yet TB games are fewest made? That's intriguing to me.

My personal preference is RT. In fact it's not really a preference - I simply do not play TB games at all. I've tried before, even with NWN, and lasted about 1 hour. As Corwin argued in his article… TB totally kills the immersion for me.

IMHO >insert execution drum roll here<….

I feel that TB is actually the opposite of role-playing.

Here's why: I view turn based as you are "coaching" the avatar in the game. He's not 'you', he's like the quarterback in a football game. You, the coach, give him the plays and HE performs the action, not YOU. Translated into a PC game, how is that role-playing (playing his role)? I understand that statement also enters the realm of debate regarding the "true" nature of what an RPG game is. When I play an RPG I am pretending that I AM the character. If a monster attacks ME then I will draw MY sword and slaughter him. If, on the other hand, I am pausing to tell the avatar what to do, and then sit back to watch him hack away, I have now limited myself to being some mysterious voice whispering in his ear….
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