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February 15th, 2007, 18:21
IMO turn-based combat is the only way to go in a p'n'p game because otherwise it'd be rather impossible for the GM to keep track of things. With computer games it's quite different - the comp takes the role of GM and usually manages to keep track of things no matter which mode of combat the game employs.

Personally, I don't like the concept of turn-based CRPGs.

The reason for my dislike of turn-based combat and parties in a CRPG is the following: the experience of playing such a computer game is nothing like that of a 'real' RPG. While I have a party like in a 'real' RPG and combat is turn-based like in a 'real' RPG, my pen&paper party never consisted of morons who had to rely on my non-existent tactical skills to survive. There might have been such a player once in a while, but all of them? And when playing p'n'p I never had to tell all my compatriots which spells to use, which weapons to use, where to go to… and that each round.
Nope, I want excitement and thrills instead, and the easiest way to get that in a computer game is going solo, 1st person, and real-time.
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