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February 15th, 2007, 19:15
A good game is a good game no matter the system of combat used.

However, real-time is selling so all games devs/publishers whatever are advised to make RT games. Its like a buzz word in modern games making. Deep rpg's are out the door atm as far as I can see - maybe NWN2 is good? (Need to actually play that some more). I'm not a mega fan of the new D&D rules tbh.

The ever increasing fan base of computer games really does little for the intelligent gamer. Fallout 3 when it's made is going to show you this I'm sure. Like Blizzard, Bethesda has a winning formula, which I doubt they will be taking any chances with. I just quit WoW for just this kind of reason. WoW is never going to take chances with its game play - it'll stay the toned done Diablo 2 clone it is. I like my games to interest/challenge me in some way.

Final Fantasy XII has some kind of programmable RT system - what do people think of that?
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