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February 15th, 2007, 20:46
For me it also depends. I'm old-school with Wiz1 etc.etc. but playing Pool of Radiance 2 with its ultra slow and repetitive turn-based combat or Lord of the Rings The Third Age (X-Box game) with its repetitive turn-based combat or Temple of Elemental Evil 2 with its repetitive turn-based combat makes me long for real-time when I can get through that stuff quickly. However, for the very interesting and not repetitive turn-based combat of Wizardry VI through VIII I'm very happy to play turn-based.

The Baldur's Gate series had an interesting take on it as you can pause between rounds for a basically turn-based system (or phased time system similar to Wizardry games) or you can just let it go for quasi-real-time. I enjoyed the pause-when-wanted approach and would let it go with real time and then pause a whole lot to give different orders. That's also how I play NWN1 and NWN2, pause and give orders and pause a bunch more.
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