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February 15th, 2007, 21:50
Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
If a single fight is a measure between reflexes, intuition and the hardness of steel & armor, then what do we do within a greater battle ? we need someone having the overview, overlooking the mess we call a "battle".
Then we play Medieval II: Total War.

I think I agree with everything you said. Your arguments regarding TB actually being role-playing are valid. In my previous post I mentioned I didn't feel that they were really role-playing games, but I was simply stating my own perception of them, not being dogmatic. They are not role-playing TO ME, because I don't feel like I'm playing a role of a character, I feel like I'm playing the role of a 'General', as you so succinctly explained. Party-implemented games almost out of necessity need to be TB, at least until someone finally gets the AI beast tamed. But as I already stated, I don't like TB RPGs so I never play those. As a solo RPG fan, I can't imagine playing it any other way than RT.

Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
But still, I could imagine that this would be fun : Having a party with swords and spells, being directed by a general crying words of command towards them (while possibly being within a fight himself, but that wouldn't work well, because the overview is traditionally gained only while standing on a hill looking over everything else).
Sounds fun to me.
There was a game that tried to do just that. It came out a couple of years ago for consoles only. It was called "Kingdom Under Fire" or something like that… It was a really strange yet intriguing hybrid of General Commanding/ Strategy mixed with RT 3rd person combat. Fun to an extent, quite innovative really, but it was exactly as you suggested - didn't work really well, mostly because of controls. With a full keyboard and mouse set up I bet someone could do it right.
At least, I was impressed and entertained enough to wish someone would try it again for the PC…
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