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February 16th, 2007, 00:40
Originally Posted by Lethal Weapon View Post
I think the real question here is the tendency of game devs making games appealing to as large a group as possible. To this end, real-time combat is most certainly the most viable option. Let us also not forget that the 'immediate satisfaction' is much greater in real-time games.
Well, I agree with that.

The question "which is better" only arises - in principle - because there is no balance, and one of both approaches heavily suffers from this "dis-balance". Most new games are RT-based.

I say this, because i believe it is possible that the question "which s better" arises probably only because there is no free choice anymore with TB-based games nearly dying out. So this faction could become frustrated by this dis-balance (how I call it), because they are simply no more allowed to play their preferred games - simply because there are none. Everyone's developing RT nowadays.

That's just a suggestion, a theory, and not at all proven truth. It's just a thought I had, but one I think might not be too far away from the truth. If people cannot get what they wamt, they become frustrated, and start a quarrel, so to say.

SWo, the publishers, with their greed and thus their try to drive TB into extinction, might not be without guilt in this question - from a purely psychological point of view.
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