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February 16th, 2007, 00:42
Originally Posted by woges View Post
However, real-time is selling so all games devs/publishers whatever are advised to make RT games. Its like a buzz word in modern games making.
Ummm… maybe it was ten years ago or so. Real-time has long become the norm and is certainly no longer a "buzz word".

The ever increasing fan base of computer games really does little for the intelligent gamer.
With all due respect, my little elitist friend, but people who equate turn-based = intelligent gamers and real-time = dumb gamers can't really be very intelligent in the first place.

What does the choice of entertainment have to do with intelligence, hm? What's next? Are you going to tell us that people who watch Seinfeld are dumber than people who watch Family Guy? People who watch movies on DVD are dumber than people who go to the movies? People who watch TV are dumber than people who play video games? People who play console games are dumber than PC gamers? Or what? Again: What does the choice of how someone chooses to be entertained in their spare time have to do with brains?

Please. Get real. Video games are entertainment. If anyone needs video games to "intellectually challenge" them, then their own intelligence can not be very high to begin with.
If you want to impress someone with your brainy skills then you're better off learning a foreign language or learning how to program or figuring out how to solve world hunger or whatever. But please spare us the retarded "I play turn-based games and thus I'm smart and hardcore" bullshit. Thank you .

Originally Posted by Lethal Weapon
Turn-based online is certainly a viable option, it has been the case for the majority of massive multiplayer until recently
It has? Could you please name a few examples of these "majority of massive multiplayer [games]" where turn-based is a viable option that you are talking about? I'm very curious about that parallel universe that you live in .
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