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February 16th, 2007, 11:38
I think the point of the long tail is twofold, and that both are beneficial to those with refined tastes such as myself

From a devs point of view you get to reach a global niche audience whose total absolute size might be rather significant, even if its a small share of the total market. From the niche gamers point of view one has access to niche titles without going to special stores that might be hard to find (not to mention far away).

Its kinda opposite to the movie market. In my country niche movies sometimes only go up in one or two artsy theaters in the capital, making it inaccessible to 80% of the population. That means both that the filmmakers might be deprived of 80% of the potential audience, and that a significant number of cineasts never get a chance to watch titles they'd love to see, or at best wait until it hits the rental market. Online distribution of some sort would be a revolution to the industry.
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