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February 16th, 2007, 19:17
A few thoughts (although I've discussed it to death elsewhere)
- RPG at 6% is a rating of the top 100 games, not a real market indicator.
- Interesting thought on target marketing:
Any would-be game publishers looking at these stats would come away with one of two strategies. Either, to create an absolutely amazing game on few platforms (Gears; Zelda; Oblivion; New Super Mario; Guitar Hero) or to sign up an animated movie and release it on every platform conceivable.
- There was some later discussion elsewhere about whether the cost of developing an exclusive game like Gears of War compared to Cars, and the relative sales of each makes it worth developing big new IP.
- There is talk about how well 'exclusive games' did this year, but nearly half of the exclusives selling >200k were on the DS … take add on the PS2 (Guitar Hero 2, etc) and you have 80%. ~5% or so were PC.
- The trend towards 'blanket releases' and licenses making all the sales makes it harder to release new IP for the PC and get it seen.
- The data are sort of messed up because only 2006 releases count - so a game like Sims 2 or WoW with a 'long sales tail' doesn't count.
-- Mike
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