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February 16th, 2007, 22:49
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
Crap - I want my money back!
Dude, me too. I figured that it was the tartar control making the brush more aerodynamic or something.

I also don't want to entirely downplay the innovation Dragon Age has got going. Right now, you can change some pretty big chunks of the game with your personal choices. It's gutsy (and hellishly complex) to put long-term consequences on your actions in any kind of compelling way -- it's easy to make the villager shout, "Hey, you killed the dragon!" if you killed the dragon, but if you can kill the dragon in three different ways, and each way makes you some allies and some enemies, and those allies or enemies are interacting with you 20 hours later, offering different ways to complete a new quest or blocking off the easy way because of what you did to them before…

I'm not explaining this well, because any attempt to explain it well gets into spoiler territory, but it's a lot more reactive and a lot more complex than just "Group A likes you, Group B hates you". Assuming that stuff makes it into the final game, that's going to add a lot of replay value in terms of people on the forums realizing how many different ways some major events could go down.
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