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February 16th, 2007, 22:47
Originally Posted by PatrickWeekes View Post
Shall I explain how that Crest toothpaste commercial is actually just using marketing hyperbole when it says that it's going to change the way you brush forever, and how a new kind of toothpaste can't actually make a toothbrush fly through a waterfall in slow motion?
Your condescending manner is neither amusing nor particularly relevant since the issue is not about my inability to understand advertising (or rather, your intention of trying to pass me off as ignorant given your intention to somehow "explain it" to me) but about how you've just claimed to enjoy marketingspeak because it allows your company to sell products based on features they don't have by lying about them.

Also, your point is misleading. Does the commercial at any point claims that one of the toothpaste's featues is that it will make a toothbrush fly through a waterfall? No. It claims it will change the way we brush forever which is hyperbolic and devoid of any meaning to the end consumer because it's not being used as representative of the product's features.

Or should we perhaps just acknowledge that marketing-speak is part of our society and move on?
Should we exempt something ethically reprehensible from criticism because it's part of our society?
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