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February 16th, 2007, 23:40
Originally Posted by Role-Player View Post
Your condescending manner is neither amusing nor particularly relevant…
I thought it was kind of amusing. It scored well with the "me" audience.

…since the issue is not about my inability to understand advertising (or rather, your intention of trying to pass me off as ignorant given your intention to somehow "explain it" to me) but about how you've just claimed to enjoy marketingspeak because it allows your company to sell products based on features they don't have by lying about them.
If you're reading my first line as sincere, it's actually about your inability to understand sarcasm.

Edit: For context, here's my line, clearly sincere in all aspects:

"Leaving aside marketingspeak, which I love with all my heart, because it does help sell the game to people who do in fact believe that we've reinvented the entire concept of gaming every time we ship a product…"

Really? No sarcasm at all? None? Okay. I'm sure it's just me.
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