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February 17th, 2007, 01:40
Tough to say what this means for RPGs. I mean, you could say "It shows that RPGs are moving to Action RPGs," but given the dearth of data points in there, it's impossible to say much for sure.

It does remind me in fairly strong terms that a mediocre sports or media tie-in game can still stomp all over a great RPG, though. I'd love to see an RPG company wrest the NFL license away from EA, just for one title, and put out a game where you're the coach or the quarterback (and defensive captain when you're on defense) -- calling plays and watching them play out in a non-arcade fashion that makes it effectively turn-based with animations (call play, watch play, call play, watch play).

Outside of the games, you've got roleplaying opportunities like dealing with difficult players (either trading them or persuading them to become good team players), making good/evil choices like turning a blind eye to a player's substance abuse, and so forth.

Basically, take the big ol' cliche of "The Football Movie" and apply a roleplaying element to both the game layer and the coaching layer.

It'd be interesting to see if sports-fans would swallow RPG elements if their character wore a football uniform instead of chainmail.
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