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February 17th, 2007, 09:27
well you'll have to wait 'til hellgate london for that i'm sure you know the difference but considering i am fond of mythology and paganism i thought i would bring up for others that the underworld/hades is not really hell.

off topic if anyone likes mythology and cyberpunk they should pick up pollen by jeff noon. its one of my all time favourite novels by my favourite author who although has only written 6 novels and a marvelous short story book he is amazing. his first novel won a couple of awardsand the first four books all have small ties into each other. the 3rd book he wrote though its takes place first is actually an imaginary trequel to 'through the looking glass' called automated alice. pollen the 2nd book written but last in the series takes place in a near future manchester that is being infected by pollen via persephone through the dream world. the main character winds up travelling into the underworld to meet john barleycorn/hades himself. as i recall from mythology hades is the god and the place and it is where all souls end up not just the evil ones.

by the way i noticed titan quest is available pretty cheap for those interested. the demo was one of the worst experiences i've had in years but someday i might give it another go. 18.99 is still too steep for me.

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