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February 17th, 2007, 20:44
I dunno in which thread you talked about Lee and his (character?) traits in Gothic 3….but I played G1+2 again and thats what I found out about Lee:

->He was near Rhobar: GrandMarshall, Personal Assistant or something like that. Rhobar mostly only decided after talking with Lee

->The Barons/Dukes of the Kingdom wanted to get rid of Lee and

->Rhobar's wife got killed and they managed that it looked like Lee was the murderer

->Only because Rhobar was that near him and couldn't really belive this he was not executed immediatly but was sent to the minecolony

->After the barriers fall (G2) his only object was to reach the continent to "clear something"

->Lord Hagen knows Lee and has respect for Lee. If he really would believe that Lee is the murderer of Rhobars wife I would not believe that he would still think like this…and Hagen would have given Lee an amnesty (only Lee not his mercenary's like Lee wanted)

These information (if they come from Lee or others doesn't matter) are all from Lee's point of view, because you get these information from his friends or comrads. You never can talk to a Baron/Duke, because you never met one.

But the way I "know" Lee from G1+2 I never thought that he would have killed Rhobar's wife and I believe that the Dukes/Barons killed her (or gave someone the mission).

And know after playing G1+2 I really can't understand the way Lee is in G3… I thought that what he wanted to "clear" was to get revenge - not through killing Rhobar, but through (killing?) the Barons/Dukes. And if they are all dead that it can't be, that this gives him his intention to kill Rhobar.

If you still know the story of Lee in G1+2 , if you understood it another way, if I'm wrong or whatever you have to say to this…answer
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