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February 18th, 2007, 02:21
well i loaded up the demo today. hadn't played it since it came out last april. its better than i remember. the main thing that ruined it for me was the graphics were all corupted/flickering the first time i played it. wierd thing is i haven't added any hardware to my pc since then. it played fine today for an hour right before i had to leave then blue screen of death. i don't get those from very many games so maybe its just not meant to be that i play it. the setting is nice and the combat is fun…but there is far too much inventory managment for my liking…respawning enemies. it is well done though in a lot of ways.

i would like to see a hack and slash that had dropped essences that didn't go in a traditional inventory. you could then use these essences to boost certain skills. like collecting so much fire essence from fire based based enemies could be added to a flaming arrow skill, or a fireball skill, or even a flame sword. this way whatever type of enemy you killed most you would be gaining its power kind of. then only bosses would drop rare items, or chests, and of course merchants. non fantasy types of games can bypass this problem as they can have enemies drop ammo which stacks and doesn't require rediculous amounts of inventory space.
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