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February 18th, 2007, 08:16
The game is quite stable for me, but it lags a bit on the high settings. Never had a CTD. The respawn rate isn't as bad as Sacred, but I think they overdid it with the mobs as well. Like D2, it makes a huge difference to have a good character build, where the skill masteries are synergistic. I don't care much for their take on spellcasters--it's all about having an uber summoned creature to soak up the aggro while you spin out a few energy attacks from your staff, which incidently any character with the right stats can use and mimic the mage effect. Your essence idea would be quite cool--if they spread the enemy types out where you didn't run into all the fire critters in the first act, and they would increment on up as you played through.

My favorite part of the game is later on when you get to China. It is visually spectacular fighting little winged dragonlets on the Great Wall overhanging cloudy mountainous chasms. This is probably not a game that would work with so-so graphics.

It's far from perfect, but it is a well done Diablo clone with some thought in the set-up. The expansion will hopefully smoothe things out a bit, though I doubt they'll be slenderizing the phat lewt.
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