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February 18th, 2007, 13:23
A good topic Obthic3, it is centered in the central concept of the gothics.

It is necessary to dig deeper into the whole Lee story to get a greater picture of the situation. Lee had upset the plans of the oppositions army….."they"… (whoever 'they' were) had to implicate Lee in some way to get him out of the way so they could retry and seek revenge. They had Rhobars wife (a Queen?) murdered. It is crucial in all of this to be aware that the scene was set in the original Gothic (G1) without any interference or inference from later games of the series, in that theoretical sense the answers and solutions of the *Lee concept* must be contained in G1 themselves…..and they are if you apply some spatial thinking!!!

Here are copies of the words in the two relevent G1 books.

The Battle of Varant - Volume 1.

….but Rhobar, the strategist, chose to attack. He assembled his troops and had them storm the enemy's weak right flank. He did not waste his time on long skirmishes, but thrust into the enemy army like a sword and cut down the defences as though they were made of paper. On and on he drove his troops, advancing on the borders of Varant. He knew that to win this fight, he would have to disperse the enemy army and prevent Gellon and Lukkor uniting and dealing him a crushing blow. He would have to sever their supply lines to secure the victory….
….Gellon was dead, his army beaten, his leaderless troops on the run. But Rhobar was not willing to give the enemy a chance to regroup, and commanded his army to destroy the remainder of the enemy forces. Meanwhile Lukkor took advantage of the moment and struck a decisive blow at King Rhobar's exhausted troops…

The Battle of Varant - Volume 2.

The war had been decided. Varant had lost it's seaports, vital to army supplies. King Rhobar had not lingered on the battle fields for a long time, but left his generals to deal with the few remaining enemy troops. Varant had only one large force left, commanded by Lukkor, the most capable warlord of the Varant army, who had more than once turned defeat into victory.
But now his army was trapped. the situation was hopeless, even though his army greatly outnumbered the enemy. Lee, a war hero from Myrtana, had lured him into this trap, the heavy cavalry had been unable to fight in the thick swamped ground of the narrow valley.
Lee's soldiers had occupied the range of hills surrounding the swamp, and they had struck repeatedly, decimating the army. The desperate sallies his troops had launched had been cut short in pools of bloood. He was beaten.
How come this original story concept seriously pertains to G3? - when we are told to ignore (per KaiRo's interview) the previous games of the series as G3 is a completely new game of it's own when it is obvious they come under the same original influence as per the war of the gods….Innos, Adanos and Beliar which is ironic as KaiRo himself promised the situation would be revisited…and it was applied…….. differently.
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