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February 18th, 2007, 21:40
Texas Chainsaw : The Beginning

Basically goes into the backstory of the Hewitt family and their beloved son, "Leatherface". Youve got pretty much a replicate of the last modern TCM film, with the pack of disposable, pretty young things meeting their maker in various ways, the majority at the end of a chainsaw. Not necessarily a bad thing, it's a very simple formula, and you know that going in. I liked it.

Nice gore, pleasant violence, and convincingly doomed, dirty, rusty, 60-70's rural Americana look. As Sir Mellencamp once said, "Rain on the scarecrow, blood on the chains- er, i mean plow."

The horror messageboards were spammed with it's de-facto announcement for months before it's release, so I went ahead and gave it a whirl. There's advertising in action for ya there. It was bad, real bad. I'll just put it this way- this is one of those films that you lament the money that was spent to create it while youre watching it

The aforementioned Texas Chainsaw series of films are very simple film in both premise and execution, yet they do what they do competently, with style to boot. They make sense, in their own sick little way. This film (and it's PR ground troops) not only misrepresents itself as some sort of shockfest, it features some incredibly idiotic characters that make no sense whatsoever, and are increasinly hard to watch as time goes on.
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