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February 19th, 2007, 15:24
I actually don't think that the town portal save system is that bad. You do not loose gold, levels or xp points when you die. You just - literarlly go home.

If you want to avoid that your items are gone when you die, you can do a little quest for man (or goblin sort of?) who has your trunk. When you have done this, you can pay him a fee (money) so that your you still have your items equipped om you when you return from the dead (literally). You can, of course, go to this man
and have a look at your trunk (storage area) and litterally dump stuff you don't need. (to be used further down the road in the game).

Personally, I prefer Silverfall's save game system i.e. death system over say the system used in Diablo 2, where you have to go find your corpse, and risk getting killed all over again. The system used in Silverfall puts your back in the town, and if you've remembered paying your insurance, you get the keep all your equipped items. (if you don't want to do this, just run to your tomb, click the tomb, and open the map, and click on the icons for towns, then you'll be instantly transported to the town of your choice).

As far as I can remember from playing the demo, there isn't any crafting or combining items; instead you choose between nature or technology. (meaning if you do quests for the e.g the smiths in the game, you nature tendency will rise,
and if you do quests for e.g. the druids, then your nature skill (points) will rise.
This means that you're unlocking some of the best items in the game, either nature or tech items.

My only sort of annoyance with Silverfall is that it doesn't have town portal spells.
(or scrolls) like in Diablo. You will really need these, as there are way too many monsters, since the monsters respawn all the time. This means that your inventory gets full the time. And while you can travel back to town any time you want, you can't transport back to the area where you were when you first transported back to town. Very annoying, imo.
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