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February 19th, 2007, 15:03
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
That is a tough one - LEGO Star Wars was a top seller that is a 'license', but is *QUITE* different in every way from the other licensed games I played last year for review (which included Unfabulous, Nicktoons, SpongeBob, Avatar, etc) … and LEGO Star Wars was one of the better games I played all year.

Cars on the other hand was pretty lousy and sold largely on the strength of the name.

But then how does buying a 'license' game differ from buying the latest Madden retread?
That's true, LEGO Star Wars was pretty fun (still have to try out the second game, damn). But as you say, it's really head and shoulders over its licensed brethren.

As for Madden, I have never played any of the titles so I can't really say how much it differs from previous ones in the series. I've heard some minute additions are made, a new number is slapped and then it hits the streets. On one hand this would be no different than other series that do the same (several Street Fighter games and Dynasty Warriors come to mind). But are those Madden titles as poorly designed and programmed as animated movie tie-ins? I've tried playing a few of those and they really deserve all the negative reviews they get. Most retreads of series usually have a solid design backbone or some production values to support the minor additions - those tie-ins, by comparison, really don't.
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