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February 20th, 2007, 09:50
I'm bit confused by your question.

SATA II (aka SATA/300) disks are backward compatible with SATA I (aka SATA/150). So if you have SATA II disk and SATA I enabled motherboard, it should work just fine.

Now I believe SATA was first introduced around 2003, so your 5/6 years old motherboard should not have it. So aren't you talking about IDE, that would make sense. 5 - 6 years ago IDE was standard in the area of normal home computers.

As for SATA II being better than SATA I. In fact it should theoreticaly be twice as fast (1.5 Gbit/s versus 3 Gbit/s). Also in reality it should mean a difference for IO critical tasks (even thought the practical difference is far from doubling the speed). What is important for SATA II is that you need both disk and motherboard that supports it, otherwise you will simply (and without even noticing it) use SATA I. One year ago when I was choosing my computer, there weren't many montherboard/disk combinations you could use for this. Even my Hitachi' SATA II capability had to be enabled by special utility that switched it to SATA II mode.

Read more here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SATA
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