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October 21st, 2006, 23:38
Anyone know of a way to turn off Speedtree completly for testing purposes?



Has anyone tried setting Gothic3.exe to Higher Piority yet?
I know how to do it in the Task Manager for Services but an exe is a little more complicated and I can't remember how to atm.

Also is there a way to turn off Music, not because I don't like it but for testing.

One thing I have tried with a little success is preventing the Lockup/Freezes in dialogue, at least I think atm, is if I do a full 360 to make sure the surrounding area is loaded in to memory before I talk to an NPC so far has worked.
It seems that in dialogue there was/is a problem with Lockup?Freeze when the camera started panning in dialogue.

Is there anyway to turn off the Dump file in the Save folder as it is 5x larger than Save files @ about 10 meg, plus you get one every crash and they default the Save folder to WinXP Admin folder which cause totally unnecessary fragmentation on your Proccessing Partition if you use Multiplule Partitions.
I do have my Swap file on a different drive but still that is just bad judgment, most people have there Swap file, Admin and Window directories on the same Partitiion which is not good planning or design by ms, well imo.
So add to the list is there a way to change the Save Folder location also.
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