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February 20th, 2007, 19:30
You might as well get the whole story. I will make it short.

I bought my computer 6 years ago and it was high-end of its time (or at least I thought so).
It had these specifications:

AMD Athlon 2000+
512 MB RAM
Nvidia Geforce 3, 128 MB RAM
80 GB harddrive ATA
19" CRT screen (whether or not it is relevant)

I decided last year that it was time to upgrade my computer. Most importantly because I wanted to be able to play Oblivion. So I began to plan my upgrade.

I quickly realised that my motherboard was too old to support the processor I wanted and my PSU was also too old to support the graphics processor I wanted. A full upgrade was therefore necessary.
I was only left with my cabinet as something useable, so I would rather have two computers and also not be troubled with the upgrade of my computer.
So I bought a new with these specifications:

AMD Athlon64 3200+
Nvidia Geforce 6800GS, 256 MB RAM
120 GB harddrive SATA-II
19" TFT screen (whatever relevanse that has)

Now a year later I decided it was time to upgrade my new computer so I would be able to play Two Worlds and Gothic 3 when properly patched. I needed more ram and storage. But the old computer's harddrive had also stopped functioning, so I would need a new harddrive for it too. The reason for it not functioning began with dust but that is another story.

I have just bought this then:

120 GB harddrive SATA-II (for the new one)
80 GB hardrive SATA-II (for the old one)

I didn't know that the old computer didn't support SATA-II or SATA-I for that sake and I admittedly hadn't researched because I thought it didn't matter. But with your help I realised it wasn't possible for me to use the SATA-II harddrive.
So today I have sent it back because of a 14-day "returnright". So I will now buy an ATA harddrive because it is cheaper and easier to install. I don't need future prospects for the old computer, because it is supposed to die out eventually.

So finally for today's question.

My new computer's harddrive (120 GB) has been installed but it somehow needs activation. I bought the harddrive as bulk, so I didn't get any manuals or the like with the package. How do I activate it because it isn't shown in "This computer" but it is shown in "Unit management" but listed as uninitialised? Though it is possible to deactivate it, where I would think it should have been able to activate it?

I hope you managed to get it read. I somehow needed to tell it as a basis for further help (at least I thought so). But if you have managed to read it you have my gratitude. :)

Regards Asbjørn
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