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February 20th, 2007, 23:32
Try actually reading what he said before you go nuts.

Well, he did say that after the very first pure single-player part (tutorial) that you will be able to sleep in the Inn to choose if you want to continue playing it as single player only for a while longer. At night it will be single player, in the day it will be a limited version of the MMO.

To me that sounds like they ARE giving you options. The way I read that is that for the first few levels it's pure single-player. Then at say lvl 5 you can choose (by using the Inn) if you want to continue playing it as only single-player OR to join an instanced version of the first parts of the game with a few other players. THEN at 20th level or so you must go out into the main MMO world.

So it sounds to me like you people are griping for NO reason. You will still be able to play just as much as before as a Single-Player ONLY game. Only now you have the OPTION of using the Inn and playing some of that with a few other players around as well. So, um, what's the problem again?

I mean I have great fears of Funcom screwing this game up just like the next guy. I bought Anarchy Online on release and it was still a pre-alpha 3 months later when I quit and swore to never buy another MMO on release. But THIS is not the reason to stop being interested in Age of Conan. THIS is just giving the people who want to get into the MMO side of the game more options…NOT taking away any Single-Player options from YOU.

Of course I could be wrong.
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