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February 21st, 2007, 04:29
Due to time contraints we´ve had to skip a couple of Gothic 3 news over the last weeks. This post brings you up-to-date on the latest developments.
  • Piranha Bytes released a Fansite-Kit last week. It includes graphics, buttons, fonts and more useful gizmos to create your own Gothic 3 site. Important: you must place a clearly visible copyright notice on your site. These things are usually placed at the very bottom of the main page. Details in the kit.
  • The next patch has been officially confirmed - ETA unclear.
  • An editor will be released. Don´t expect it anytime soon though. More like "late autumn" or so. Rumors it would be bundled with the next patch have proven false.
  • It goes without saying that Piranha Bytes is not working on the inevitable add-on until the co-publishers Deep Silver and JoWooD confirm they´re working on the inevitable add-on. So for now they´re busy developing their next project in the Gothic universe, seemingly based on the same technology.
    The when and what are pure speculation. An add-on this Christmas or a stand-alone add-on next Christmas sounds possible.
  • Gothic 2 Gold will be on the cover disk of the next PC Action . So if you have access to this German print mag it´s good opportunity to get G2 and Die Nacht des Raben for cheap.
  • Another German print mag, PC Powerplay, posted an update to their highly critical Gothic 3 review . They think a lot of things have improved over the last few months, earning Gothic 3 v1.12 another 12%. This makes the final score a far less desastrous 79%.
  • An Autumn texture pack for Gothic 3 can be found on WoG. It replaces tree, grass and surface textures.
  • World of Gothic´s 2nd hint book hit the shelves a short time ago through publisher Data Becker. Their work on Gothic 2 seems to have been quite a success if they´ve decided to tackle such a mammoth task again. Of course the new volume "Gameguide zu Gothic 3 " deals with Gothic 3. A lot of substance (288 pages!) and a fair price obviously make it the first choice for German gamers who prefer printed informations.
  • A few weeks after their Christmas interview with PB WoG posted another one based upon their studio visit. It primarily deals with the complex decisions PB had to make during the development process, and how they see them in hindsight. Very interesting, open answers by PB. I think I´ve seen a rough translation somewhere, but I can´t remember the link.
    Thanks, Ragon!
  • BlackHole´s excellent Gothic 3 Tuning Utility has been updated to v1.45. It´s available in German, English and Italian. We´ve mirrored it here .
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