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February 24th, 2007, 09:41
I haven't played anything similar to this myself. The problem I have with Depths of Peril is that (if I understood correctly) the other factions in the game will be competing with the player in real time. This is getting a little too close to the RTS side of the pendulum. Having to worry about your opponents getting stronger every time you just want to explore the world and do a little sightseeing is the back breaker for me. I'm a big fan of dynamic worlds, and this game certainly has some interesting concepts, but the use of AI controlled factions operating in real time is, imo, not the best approach. For one thing, it constantly puts the player under time pressure, and, secondly, it makes the use of narrative that reflects the events happening in the world nearly impossible.

At present, the best solution I can see for implementing dynamic worlds in single player RPGs is for the big dynamic events to be scripted and triggered by the actions of the player. It's not ideal, but the alternative has too many drawbacks.
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