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February 24th, 2007, 11:05
I certainly wouldn't want every game to take this approach but it makes a nice change of pace - something different. It is an action/RPG and they usually rely on certain gameplay mechanics (addictive combat, loot, skill trees) rather than a strong story and questing (yes, there are exceptions). I mean, take Sacred - surely noone thought the quests were the strength of that very successful game? Titan Quest has been very successful but noone has praised the story. Fate generated a lot of buzz and that was nothing but combat.

So, take good, addictive action/RPG gameplay (hopefully, anyway - go with the example ) and add dynamic competition and quest generation…sounds more engaging than just whack-a-mole like a lot of them.

Action/RPGs aren't my favourite mode but this sounds more engaging to me, anyway. Heroes of Might & Magic and Space Rangers both come to mind as games I liked with active competing NPCs.
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