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February 24th, 2007, 22:24
I got Oblivion as a present and spend a few hundred bucks on a brand new video card (and power supply) only to play it for the first week or two.

I've started several games since and never get too far before moving on to some other game. It's highly polished, has amazing graphics, nice dungeons and of course lots of quests. And the combat system is improved from Morrowind.

But the way it throws you into the story is far from believeable - that and having the same handful of actors doing the voices for all the NPCs in the game really throws the immersion off and having several voices for ONE NPC? It's just ridiculous. Another big offender is the lack of dialogue options - you get a few responses, none of which changes anything in the story, leaving roleplaying a bit too much to the imagination.

Add the other little things like level scaling, a non-intuitive and non-customizable interface and it just feels like Morrowind Lite.
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