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February 26th, 2007, 13:50
The Devil's Rejects

I heard a lot negative comments of previous Rob Zombie's film, the HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES and naturally i never went to see that film. I half expecting "The Devil's Rejects" as another bad horror movie - as the film's title seems to implies so, but it was not the case and actually better than most B-list horror films i watched.

The movie is fully loaded with gritty violence, wacky, funny, satirical about a group of people (a seriously dyfuntional family) who apparently hold no qualm and see no law to butcher, torture, hunt, massacre, kidnap almost everyone they met. While on the other side, there is this local sheriff head who suspecting that his brother has been brutally murdered by them, and swore to bring down hammer of justice, vengeance and wrath of God upon them (or "…wrath of God up their *sses…" as the lines in the movie). The results of the conflict, of course - even more decapitation, massive shoutout, maimed bodies, road-kill (and i have to agree with Roger Ebert - one of the best you'll ever see!).

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