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February 26th, 2007, 21:27
@Cormac, i agree, seems there will be lots of mouse clicking but it looks like there's some skilled timing and in-fight methods involved more than just button-mashing…re: info's via lead designer Michal Madej…….

Click on an enemy to lock onto him and the Witcher will stay faced towards the enemy for the duration of combat. Double click on the ground to perform an evasion and hold down the Shift key to power up for a strong attack. He also has three different schools of combat he'll be putting points into as the game progresses; strong enemies, fast enemies and groups all have separate considerations, and the Witcher can switch between the three on the fly. He can also chain attacks; audiovisual cues will instruct the player to swing at a certain moment, and when the player times it right, the Witcher's attack will become more powerful, until he unleashes a finishing move, which is different for each type of combat school. Attacks are also much more powerful if initiated from behind, so non-player character assistance can come in quite handy when you need to face a particularly tough baddie. Weapons are also modifiable, and the Witcher has unarmed attacks as well. And if he's fighting a ranged fighter, he can deflect arrows, summon magic shields (which disappear when he attacks), and set enemies on fire from a distance. Since he's proficient in both melee and magic, the Witcher has a bevy of tactical options at his disposal. Against groups, he can strike the ground and cause them to fall down, and he can stun them.

…i'll wait and see how the game feels, the keyboard will be my main choice but it sounds like using both keyboard and mouse together will be the ideal?
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