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February 26th, 2007, 21:42
Interesting article. I agree that sometimes the best story or background is the one you make up yourself--in the Infinity engine games, I had a whole family lineage in the back of my head when I created my char, and I kind of ignored the motivations the written storyline provided and made up my own reasons for things like NOT rescueing Imoen--ever.

This is pretty true also:
In modern narrative games it can feel as though there is an invisible barrier between the player and the game. At the back of one’s head there’s the thought that we’re being guided on an adventure that is being controlled by a game designer.
NWN2 started out this way for me. As it progressed, it got more immediate and involving, but you always felt that hand in the small of your back pushing you along the story path to an inevitable conclusion.
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