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February 28th, 2007, 00:16
I had a feeling you came from the PnP world, ionstormsucks. I can imagine that colors your views. I always regret not having spent any gaming time there.

AFA this article, I agree with you to the extent that an rpg with little storyline lacks structure and dramatic tension. It would only help most rpgs to have a strong and well developed, well-scripted backbone to support the other elements.
The problem for a lot of developers seems to be finding a way to do this without bringing every fantasy cliche back from the grave, so that what we mostly see is repitition of the same types of plots--i.e., the Chosen One, the apocalyptic destruction of All Life, the Great Evil from another dimension, etc…I think at times I'd almost prefer them to say :"Hey--you're the good guy, you figure out what to do." because I can invent a lot better motivation than that my village has just been wiped out.
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