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February 28th, 2007, 01:03
Originally Posted by magerette View Post
The problem for a lot of developers seems to be finding a way to do this without bringing every fantasy cliche back from the grave, so that what we mostly see is repitition of the same types of plots--i.e., the Chosen One, the apocalyptic destruction of All Life, the Great Evil from another dimension, etc…I think at times I'd almost prefer them to say :"Hey--you're the good guy, you figure out what to do." because I can invent a lot better motivation than that my village has just been wiped out.
Hehe, true… unfortunately the fantasy genre, and to a certain extent the sifi genre as well are are loaded with a whole bunch of clichés. Good stories in RPGs are indeed fairly rare… somehow good stories in games are rare in general - which is a shame really. One of the very few games that in my opinion featured an almost superb story was Thief 1 (not a RPG, but anyway). It is one of the very few games that I began playing because I liked the gameplay and ended up playing because I wanted to see what happens next in the story. In a way you could argue that the story features also a few of the common clichés, but somehow it had enough surprising elements for me to keep on doing one mission after the other. When the Trickster took Garrets eye for example, I sat there at least a minute, with my mouth open, and rubbing my own two eyes. Well, I guess that Thief had the big advantage that it is a straight linear game, and it seems that stories are easier to convey that way.
Anyway, I wish that game companies, especially those that create RPGs would try to put a bit of their creativity into developing a nice story.
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