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February 28th, 2007, 16:37
I bought it.
(I'm from Italy where the game's just been released).
Graphics look good. Music not bad.
Gameplay tends to be a little repetitive.

1) You kill monsters and sell stuff. Shops never sell something good. What you find is always a little bit deluding…. no really strong weapon or armor. No item customization. Tons of useless items and….. it happens often that normal (white description text) items are better than rare or unique (colored description text) items.
2) Ok…. I've finished the game…. Can I restart it with my character at a higher difficulty level?
ummm… let me see…. no, let me try this… no.
NO. You finishe the game and…. it's OVER!
3) Game saving system….. When you start your saved game and find that you have to kill for the xxxth time the infinite mob of insect like monsters to reach the area quest…… what do you think you feel like?

Good graphics… not bad music and fx…. not bad character develpoment system…. but the rest is to drop in the trashbean.
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