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February 28th, 2007, 20:05
Originally Posted by Dr. A View Post
Wow, Moriendor. That would make it the worst game ever. Any good points?
Not that I could see but I guess it depends a bit on everyone's individual level of tolerance. I personally don't understand at all how someone can voluntarily submit themselves to Spiderweb games but yet there are people who do buy, play and enjoy these games so if you have a high level of tolerance and can live with a totally sub-par presentation and lack of polish, lack of modern features etc then you might be able to squeeze some fun out of The Fall… maybe.
I couldn't. I'm too picky. There are way too many other, better high quality games waiting in line to be played that I don't feel like wasting any of my valuable gaming time on a 3rd class game like The Fall. No way Jose.

What's supposed to be good about The Fall according to reviews, however, is the story and the factional system but I only got a few hours into the game and couldn't find the goodness up to that point. As far as I can remember, the game starts out with the mission to find some kidnapped person (your daughter, I think… can't quite remember) so it's not exactly overly original in the beginning. Then you find out what happened to the kidnapped person (not telling here to avoid spoilers ) and then the game basically sends you off so you can get to know more about the factions.

What a disappointment…Oh well, at least I can look forward to The Witcher instead.
Right. Unless something has gone majorly wrong with The Witcher (and there is no indication of that luckily), the difference between The Fall and The Witcher (quality-wise) should be like night and day .
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