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February 28th, 2007, 21:14
Originally Posted by CelesteGB View Post
I liked the feel of it too and hopefully rangers won't get gimped. I always hate when reading up on a game that there aren't any really good bows. I play one anyway though Living on the edge!

Slight thread drift…I was trying to find a good build for Titan Quest and nobody seemed to have any really good builds or good bows to recommend. Wait…I might have found a good build…

Ah, Celeste--you play my game, and my style! I heartily recommend the Brigand--it may be the build you're talking about. But if not, max out your Hunter mastery w 2 points into mastery, 1 point into aura skills, then about level ten or twelve, pick up the Rogue mastery, but only a minimal investment in the basics til you totally max Hunter. Here's a link to a build guide--there ARE some excellent bows--I'm using the Bow of the Nile right now and it rocks.

sorry to hijack the thread--got carried away
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