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February 28th, 2007, 22:09
Originally Posted by Moriendor View Post
I personally don't understand at all how someone can voluntarily submit themselves to Spiderweb games but yet there are people who do buy, play and enjoy these games so if you have a high level of tolerance and can live with a totally sub-par presentation and lack of polish, lack of modern features etc then you might be able to squeeze some fun out of The Fall… maybe.
Isn't that apples and pears? I personally don't like Baldur's Gate too much, it gets boring for me soon, but I know it's a well-designed game which, and there's the kicker, does exactly what it intends to do for the people it's intended to target.

The same goes for Spiderweb games. I'm not going to stand on my head and defend Jeff's genius, but the Spiderweb games are expansive and well-designed, tailored to good gameplay and great useability. They dump off on graphics (including any form of graphical progress over games), because that's what they *intend* to do.

That's not the same as the Fall. Though I've never played it, from your description I would surmise that the Fall fails to do in what it attempts to do. This is rarely the case for Spiderweb.
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