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February 28th, 2007, 22:25
Originally Posted by Kharn View Post
Isn't that apples and pears? I personally don't like Baldur's Gate too much, it gets boring for me soon, but I know it's a well-designed game which, and there's the kicker, does exactly what it intends to do for the people it's intended to target.

The same goes for Spiderweb games. I'm not going to stand on my head and defend Jeff's genius, but the Spiderweb games are expansive and well-designed, tailored to good gameplay and great useability. They dump off on graphics (including any form of graphical progress over games), because that's what they *intend* to do.

That's not the same as the Fall. Though I've never played it, from your description I would surmise that the Fall fails to do in what it attempts to do. This is rarely the case for Spiderweb.
OK, to clarify (maybe Spiderweb was a poor example) … I'm the picky kind of gamer who gets easily annoyed if a great feature of one game (or something that has become a quasi-standard in a genre) is missing from another game or when it is poorly implemented.

The Fall is a party-based RPG. I have personally played Dungeon Siege and most of Bio's/Obsidian's party-based RPGs. The party management in all of those games is excellent. The interface, the keyboard shortcuts, the (shared) party inventory etc. - I just hated it that a lot of this level of convenience was missing in The Fall.

The same goes for a lot of other (more or less important) features. After playing games that are by far of a higher level of quality than The Fall, I'm finding it very hard to go back and to settle for less.
I guess you could say that I'm a "forward-orientated" gamer, always on the look-out for the "next big thing" and improvements from one game to another. I have a very low tolerance level for annoyances, tedium, boredom, unnecessary micro-management and repetitive actions (whether it's combat, managing the inventory, selling/trading stuff or whatever else). That's why I said that liking The Fall or not might depend on one's individual level of tolerance.
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