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March 1st, 2007, 13:01
I was missing this thread on this forum. This is a thread for thoose who like to finish games on regular basis, where you can write the game you finished as well as a short review.

To get things going I will list the last 5 I finished from most recent and then back in time.

Psi-Ops - The Mindgate Conspiracy (9/10)
Metal Gear Solid meets Jedi Knight in a game about a special operative with psionic powers. Decent story and superb gameplay. Sad that so few know about it.

Sanitarium (7/10)
Bizarre horror adventure with decent graphics and a deep disturbing story.

Runaway 2 (9/10)
Possibly the best adventuregame I have played in years. Glorious 2d art, advanced storyline/plot, loveable characters, hillarious jokes.

Halo (7/10)
Some features such as vehicles was ahead of it's time save this FPS from complete boredom. Possibly the most repetitive shooter I have ever played. The story was nice though and the last level was truly epic.

The Suffering (8/10) + Ties That Bind (6/10)
The Suffering was a quite decent horror game. Dark disturbing story, spooky atmosphere, twisting storyline with multiple endings, nice storytelling techniques and pretty good controls. Questionable graphics was the only flaw.
The sequel (Ties That Bind) improved the graphics, but dropped everything else, including ripping apart the satisfying ending of the original.

My personal score system (no need to follow this):
10 Game History (Worth playing, even if you hate the genré)
9 Excellent (A must play if you like the genré)
8 Good (Recommended if you like the genré)
7 Timewaster (Visual flaws but some saving qualities if you like the genré)
6 Cracked (Only worth checking if you love the genré and can stand up with open flaws)
5 Failed (Warning, even fans will hate this one)
1-4 Poor (Games I would not even finish)
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