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March 1st, 2007, 22:55
Gametap's Rand Miller? He's the lead designer at Cyan Worlds, the company that made and now maintains the game.

Reyla: Gametap as a whole is only for Americans, but Uru is available in at least Europe as well, and quite a few other countries too, IIRC. The reason Gametap otherwise only allows American customers is that getting worldwide permission for subscription based distribution of games could be difficult, since many games have several publishers who own the rights to distribute the games in their specific territories.

Lucky Day: Yeah, pretty much. Ubisoft forced Cyan Worlds to make a single player campaign out of their Uru Live content, and then simply pulled the plug on the online part before it even launched. Apparently they spent more money on advertisement for the game than it would cost to run the servers for a year.
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