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March 2nd, 2007, 01:40
If a replay of Wiz8 doesn't count, and I'm not sure FastCrawl really qualifies, I think the last game I finished was Dungeon Siege 2. I really finished that one since I played and completed all 3 levels of the game in order to collect as many set items as I could.

I enjoyed the game a fair bit. Sure, it was RPG lite, but the "mindless click-n-watch combat" actually worked for me. Prior to that, I had been playing several brain-intensive rpgs, so a nice relaxing killfest fit the bill nicely. Character development actually made a difference in the way you played (even if you had to pick a path and follow it religiously rather than becoming a generalist) and the ridiculous amount of phat lewt kept outfitting the troops a continual adjustment. The game does what it does very, very well. I've been careful recommending it to folks because their enjoyment will hinge on whether they want what DS2 does. Someone looking for in-depth stories and complex strategy is going to be very disappointed, since that's not was DS2 is about.
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