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October 22nd, 2006, 13:41
I can verifiy it was a huge help to my medium system, thanks HiddenX.
I was worried about increases to those sizes, but was shocked when it was huge help.
I had even decided to give up graphic quality, trying Shad 1.4 and all graphic settings to low to increase stablity and prevent crashes.
It was quite ugly, worst part is if you set everthing to low it looks worst than G2.
Now I have medium quality and its smooth as it has been.

The only thing I can suggest is if you intend to free a city I would highly suggest turning down both the Distance draws one notch for the huge fights with the active AI.

You seem to know alot about ATI, is there a fix for the flicking and garbbled charaters on the Console yet?
I have lost some NPCs and would like to use the goto feature.

One other thing HiddenX your links to your Swapfile Optimizations were very helpful, though I noticed if I read correctly they were orgianlly talking about older Win OSs do they apply equally to XP, at least for the most part?
More specificly I am refering to total Swapfile size, thanks.
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