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October 22nd, 2006, 14:42
Well Wesp looks to have done another incretable job! :watchcheer:

"I find the game nothing more than go-here-and-do-this type of game"
Are you serious?
What about the fact that it has some of the best acted, written and scripted charaters ever to grace an RPG?
How about the most diverse number of distinct personalities NPCs?

You can't possibly think the Haunted Hotel mission was generic Fedex.
the struggle between Jeanette and Therese please tell of any quest that comes close to this in complexity and entertainment (I know this could be subjective) still I would love to hear one?
So the Thin Bloods quest, i.e. finding Lily, how many quest you ever heard of like that?
Or Hunting a Bounty Hunter, please I would love to hear something and play something that had another Stanly Gimble in it?
Look these are just in the first City Santa Monica, I could go on an on, but I will wait to see what you have to say before I create a longer list.

"I guess they finished adding humanity bonuses to every conversation."
That seems very unfair.
Please name one converstation that gives a Humanity bonus, which is not justifiable?

While I very much like Redemption's story also, I think many people didn't like being so confined in the story they expected more of an RPG than an Action game.
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