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March 2nd, 2007, 16:22
GCZ: How would you end the never-ending arguments on Gothic 3 v.s. Oblivion?
BP: Oblivion is a great game. End of conversation.
Personally I would have prefered Piranna Bytes to have released Gothic 3 not the The Elder Scrolls V: Gothic. PB needs to take a step back and stop trying to achieve the unachievable. Gothic 1 and 2 worked because their worlds could be convincingly represented with current technologies. After all no one expects thousands of people and buildings spread over vast distances in a penal colony or a small provincial island. In contrast trying to represent entire kingdoms… well that's considerably less convincing. RPGs that present major cities with populations of just a few dozen people don't work for me, the ecosystem isnít convincing. Developers should concentrate on small, detailed and coherent worlds instead.

In Gothic 1 the size of the settlements and population density made sense, the social and economic relationships between camps made sense, and the attitudes of the NPCs as shaped by their environment and the player's actions made sense. It was a self-contained and logically consistent world.
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