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March 2nd, 2007, 16:23

Oh my..what could i possibly say.. I totally loved it, simply put one of the best roleplaying games i've played all time and best star wars since the orginal trilogy

The game has all what i'm looking from a proper crpg game. Good dialog, diverse quests (trial was my favorite btw!), multiple choises and consequences, moral aspect (Sometimes it is VERY difficult to stay lightside).

And lastly but not least the storyline blew me away! You can actually find a sw game that has a storyline worthy to orginal trilogy. Writing is stunning quality whether judging by npcs or storyline.. I only wish npcs in latest tes or gothic 3 were same caliber. Voice acting was top notch as always in lucas arts games. My favorite npc was this HK-droid who claims not be an assasin droids since they are illegal "Do you wish me to get rid of this meatbag master?"CLASSIC STUFF. I bursted in laughther more than once during a game when he made those lovely remarks of his

Only downside i can think of is the first planet. It doesn't feel very belivable because it is supposed to be a huge city planet, yet you can only explore few streets and buildings.. Luckily locales get a lot better when you fly off…

I'm already playing kotor 2 and can't wait kotor 3!
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