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March 2nd, 2007, 21:00
I played it on Xbox.

I bought this one for $30ish, and consider it worth it, I'll run thru it again eventually on the harder difficulty. Plus, there's a "Lara's Mansion" level accessible between missions that has lots of secrets you can unlock that provide more outfits, weapons, extras, etc. The environments are really cool, and it's sort of a return to what the series was originally all about - adventuring in ancient ruins, w/ lots of high-flying cliffhanger type stuff. I'm a nailbiter when it comes to the heights stuff, even in games, so it's pretty thrilling for me when leaping from one really high area to another or whatever.The game is gorgeous too, which almost goes without saying these days. The story is pretty flaky, w/ the legend of King Arthur and such tied into the death of Lara's mother. It serves it's purpose tho, shipping you to one cool locale after another.

You can choose to not use the "mechanism detection" type feature in Lara's binoculars that make some of the puzzles too easy, that's what I personally do to provide a bit more of a challenge.
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