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March 3rd, 2007, 00:46
Josh is certainly becoming a cynical old bore!! Good grief, they're GAMES he's talking about, not RL. If you can afford to buy the game, plus the PC capable of running it, then poverty isn't really an issue for you. Should it be? YES, in RL, but not in a game. Actually some of these issues have been dealt with in games; Fallout comes to mind, but rpg's, don't naturally lend themselves to these issues. Sims and to a lesser extent perhaps Strategy type games could focus on JS's concerns.

Is the writing shallow? Of course it is, with a few notable exceptions. Some of the Ultimas, PS-T and Fallout are good examples of solid, depth exploring writing, but most games are dressed up H&S dungeon crawls. So what!!!! If that's what people want to play, then that's what devs will make. Sure, I'm Old Skule and I want more than that, but I'm a niche market and there's not enough money there for the big guys. If I want a great story and mental stimulation, I have to read a good book, rather than play a game. I wish it were not so, but I can't see things changing much in the near future, can YOU!!
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