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March 3rd, 2007, 01:00
Originally Posted by JemyM View Post
I only played the first bit of Tomb Raider before I jumped to Tomb Raider Legends and I have to say that TR:L is a very good game. A very good story, nice controls, glorious graphics, lots of fun bonus content etc.

I would probably give Legends a 9/10 and I do not care if it's "short", it's awesome while it lasts.
Fully agree, though I'd subtract one more point for the PC version because it was suffering from serious consolitis. The PC version was poorly optimized and you did get occasional stuttering in next gen mode where no stuttering should have occurred. Might have also been the copy protection (SecuROM) messing around in the background… I don't know, but there was something that prevented the game from running as smooth as it should have (and it was not my hardware… one could tell that it was a different kind of "lag").

Also, it seemed like the collision detection (maybe due to the higher resolution on PC and sloppy resolution scaling?) and key press/input delays or responsiveness were not quite optimized for the PC.
Otherwise it was great fun all the way through to the end though . I'm looking forward to the 10 Year Anniversary edition that is supposed to come out in May. Just hope they put a little more work into polishing the PC version this time (yeah, I know how likely -or not- this is to happen… *sigh*).
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